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Water vapor is difficult to measure, but is of great importance for accurate modeling of the dynamics of the atmosphere, both for weather prediction and for climate applications. Nowadays, the use of information about the atmospheric water vapor content above each receiving GNSS antenna is already obtained routinely from accurate geodetic data analysis. In this respect, the application of GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) observations for use in very short range weather forecasting (nowcasting) has improved considerably in the last few years due to:

a) improved GNSS raw data timeliness (hourly uploads and/or real-time data streaming);

b) improved coverage (the number of ground-based stations of the GNSS networks has increased enormously in the last 5 years);

c) increased temporal resolution of tropospheric estimates.

Both atmospheric and geodetic communities will join efforts in order to operationalize the inclusion of GNSS-PWV estimates for nowcasting in Portugal, namely for the preparation of warnings of severe weather. The main reason for this has been the cost of ensuring receipt and response. To achieve such goal, the NUVEM project is divided in two major components:

a) development and implementation of methods to compute accurate estimates of PWV (Precipitable Water Vapor) in NRT (Near Real-Time);

b) integration of these estimations in the nowcasting operations done at IPMA (Portuguese Meteo Office).


This project is financed by the Potuguese National Funding Agency for Science, Research and Technology. The project ID is: EXPL/GEO-MET/0413/2013


This project started in 01/04/2014 and should be finished by 31/03/2015


Nowcasting, GNSS, PWV, Operationalization



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    SEGAL (Space & Earth Geodetic Analysis Laboratory) is a collaborative scientific venture between University of Beira Interior (UBI) and Institute Geophysical Infante D. Luíz (IDL), which is physically located at Department of Computer Sciences (DI-UBI).

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    The Portuguese Institute of Sea and Atmosphere, IP (IPMA, IP) is the Portuguese public body responsible for research and policy meteorological and geophysics of Portugal.

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    The University of Beira Interior is a Portuguese institution of higher education aimed at the creation, transmission and dissemination of science and technology, knowledge and culture in all aspects and in communion with the surrounding region and the world.

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    The Instituto Dom Luiz is a public body integrated in the Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon.



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